What We Do

Family Conflicts

  • Family Business Issues[8]
  • Elder Care & Placement Issues[9]
  • Parenting Plan Issues[10]

Public Policy Facilitation & Development

  • Land Use Development Issues[1]
  • Environmental Issues[2]
  • Community Issues[3]
  • Group Facilitation[4]

Court Connected Conflicts

  • Estate & Trust Issues[5]
  • Real Property & Easement Issues[6]
  • Business & Commercial Issues[7]

Non-Profit & Church & Issues

  • Group Facilitations[11]
  • Church Conflicts[12]
  • Victim-Offender Dialogues[13]

How We Do It


Through effective communication, individuals and groups have the ability to solve challenging problems. As “neutrals” our role is to provide a safe space for difficult conversations and to help participants make decisions that are in their best interest.

We help guide participants through group facilitation or mediation sessions, using processes designed to empower individuals and sub-groups so that all can participate and make meaningful decisions.

Facilitative Approach

We use a facilitative approach. We try not to tell people what to do, but rather we empower them to find the best solution for themselves. This process provides the strongest formula for successful and results in durable agreements made by and for the participants.

Mediation or Facilitation?

Mediation is often used by smaller groups. Facilitation often works well with larger groups. We offer both mediation and facilitation services, consensus building and collaborative processes. We work with participants to make sure the discussion includes all affected parties, and help them constructively discuss complex and controversial issues.

Conflict Assessment

When asked, we offer assessments of the potential causes of a conflict. This includes finding the underlying issues, interests, and potential challenges, and offering recommendations about the feasibility of using collaborative processes to resolve the conflict.

Process Design

We help design a process that focuses on addressing the needs of stakeholders who are seeking to constructively solve complex, potentially controversial issues. We work with participants to make sure the discussion includes all affected parties.

[1] Tim McCabe facilitates land use & development, environmental, & public-policy consensus-building.

[2] Tim McCabe facilitates conversations among individuals and groups holding disparate views on the environmental consequences of land-use and development.

[3] Tim McCabe helps people solve community-based problems.

[4] Tim McCabe helps groups work through challenging issues to create sustainable solutions.

[5] Mike McCabe helps families sort-out internal conflicts through mediation.

[6] Mike McCabe helps land-owners, neighbors, landlords and tenants sort-out real estate and easement conflicts through mediation.

[7] Mike McCabe helps business-people negotiate difficult business issues through mediation.

[8] Mike McCabe helps family businesses sort out difficult internal conflicts through mediation.

[9] Tim McCabe helps families sort-out difficult family matters and make collaborative decisions.

[10] Tim McCabe helps co-parents struggling with parenting issues create and update parenting plans.

[11] Both Tim & Mike McCabe help individuals and groups be heard, and help non-profit organizations constructively resolve conflicts.

[12] Mike McCabe helps individuals and groups be heard, and helps church organizations resolve conflicts.

[13] Both Tim and Mike McCabe help create a safe-space for victims of crime to be heard by offenders; and for offenders to make amends to individuals and communities they have harmed.


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