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Tim McCabe

Mediator & Facilitator

Oregon and Pacific Northwest 

My communication strengths allow me to effectively facilitate meetings and situations with diverse people with a multitude of interests. My experiences have helped me to thrive in situations requiring numerous deadlines and coordination efforts.

I specialize in:

Family Mediation & Parenting Plans

Community Engagement

Public Policy Consensus Building

Community Mediation

Over the past 12 years I have learned to listen to stakeholders and work with government agencies through the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, Oregon Consensus, The Osprey Group, Community Mediation Services, and the U.S. District Court and Lane County Circuit Court.

I also have a passion for a healthy and productive environment. As a parent, angler and outdoor enthusiast, I believe we have an obligation to our future generations to leave the world a better place that we found it. Constructive dialogue is the first step to this goal.

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Mike McCabe


San Francisco Bay Area & Northern California

Life has taught me many lessons. Among them are the importance of creating and preserving positive relationships, and the infinite possibilities for change in attitude, outlook, and risk-assessment. “If there is any constant in our lives,” he observes, “it is that change happens.”

Lawyers, church leaders, and psychologists often call upon me to help them resolve emotionally charged conflicts among their clients and those they serve.


An attorney for over 30 years and a mediator for more than 15 years, I have a unique skill-set for helping persons in conflict find constructive solutions to personal and business conflicts. My experience includes ministry to prison-inmates, to victims of crime, and the families of both.

I use “interest-based” facilitation techniques—helping participants identify their needs and find solutions to meet them.

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Michael McCabe Mediator Profile


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