Nov 28

Public Meetings SOS 4.0: Can Your Public Process Survive Politics?


Come Join Mike and I at the IAP2 (International Association of Public Participation) workshop in Salem, OR on December 7 at 1:00: Public Meetings SOS 4.0: Can Your Public Process Survive Politics? 


I was very fortunate to work with my friend and colleague, Jamie Damon, the Keynote Speaker at this workshop, on The West Eugene Collaborative (WEC).  The WEC was public process that successfully navigated the waters of politics and rancor. During the two-year public process, Jamie and I helped steer twenty-seven diverse participants to consensus on comprehensive land-use and environmental recommendations delivered to the Eugene City Council in 2009. The WEC operated during one of the most divisive mayoral campaigns in Eugene’s history, yet due to the dedication of WEC members to the process, the WEC not only survived, but it flourished. For more information on the WEC and to read the WEC report please visit: http://www.orconsensus.pdx.edu/WestEugeneForum.php.


For more information and to register for the workshop please visit: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=5jr9b8dab&oeidk=a07e6ehqozwfb2f2cce. We look forward to seeing you there!



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